The role of PR

The role of PR in a company is to manage all forms of communication between people, organisations, institutions and the public, both externally (external PR) and within the company (internal PR).

PR professionally act as mediators and interfaces between the company and the public. They rarely have to deal with one homogenous public only, but instead are faced with a range of different audiences, in other words, different target groups or stakeholders, all of whom need to be addressed in different ways. The public is more than the sum of consumers and journalists, it also includes the employees in a company, the retailers and competitors, as well as communal and supra-regional administrations. Public relations communicate viewpoints and give direction so that individuals and organisations are granted the political, economic and social scope for action they need to participate in shaping public opinion.

Their objective at all times is to spread true and accurate information, to build up and maintain trust, goodwill and credibility in ways transparent to the public.