At company level

PR experts at company level strive to maximise information for internal and external stakeholders, and, where applicable, the general public too, catering to the interests of their company in doing so. Their range of tasks as a result is broad in scope, seeing as they must find adequate ways of addressing different dialogue groups, such as consumers, journalists, retailers, communal and supra-regional administrations, as well as company staff, and provide them with the information each of them requires.

Communicators in senior positions as a rule are required to have graduated from university or undergone relevant training as a basis for further specialisation.

PR experts have profound knowledge in their field which in combination with specially acquired skills allow them to

  • Consult management with formulating company policies and position it strategically in the media
  • Assess the communicative effect of company decisions
  • Define specific targets for communication work
  • Develop strategies on the basis of analyses (e.g. analyses of strengths and weaknesses)
  • Identify connections in communication, implement communication projects and measures and evaluate their outcome.
  • Regardless of their field of activity PR consultants have sound knowledge and experience in a number of different domains relevant to communication to call their own.

They must have

  • Knowledge of theory and practice in communication
  • Talent as journalists
  • Knowledge of and skills in professions related to communication, such as marketing, advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing etc.
  • The ability to tackle specific fields of communication including corporate identity, internal communication, crisis communication, media relations, online communication, personnel communication, lobbying, product PR, sponsoring, amongst others
  • Experience with various support tools, such as creativity, planning and evaluation techniques, as well as market and opinion research
  • Knowledge of print and electronic media, social media, etc.
  • Knowledge of communication technologies for coaching, moderation, presentations, negotiations and communication skills
  • Sufficient knowledge of their specific sphere of action (investors relations, environment PR, culture PR, etc.)
  • General knowledge of economics, politics, law and society
  • Wide knowledge of national and, where applicable, international media
  • Thorough command of at least one foreign language

Their personal profile is expected to include the following: excellent communication skills, team player, committed, able to work under pressure, responsible and creative.