Fields of activity

PR core tasks

  • Analysis, strategy, conception: performing situation and opinion analyses, preparing strength/weakness profiles, defining objectives, developing strategies and concepts to achieve these.
  • Contact, consultancy, negotiation: constructive dialogues with superiors and clients, negotiations with service providers, communication and discussions with representatives of groups relevant in society, e.g. politicians and journalists
  • Text and creative design: processing and designing information, e.g. press releases, brochures and online communication
  • Implementation: taking decisions, planning measures, calculating costs, setting time frames
  • Operational implementation: running events and projects of any kind, active press relations, positioning management, internal communication, corporate publishing, etc.
  • Evaluation: monitoring the success of measures, analysing their effectiveness, preparing measures of optimisation

PR disciplines

(Examples without claiming to be exhaustive):

  • Press relations: writing and distributing press releases, responding to press requests, organising press conferences, organising journalist trips, interviews, internet activities
  • Media design: preparing business reports, brochures, flyers, newsletters, consumer magazines, internet pages
  • Event organisation: planning and carrying out conferences, seminars, festivals, consumer events and others
  • Internal communication: staff magazines, planning and putting on staff events, staff training, maintaining the intranet, setting the agenda for the company
  • Participation in associations and committees as company representatives
  • Training: media training, training of argumentative skills, advanced training
  • Sponsoring: negotiating performance-oriented agreements in the fields of sports, culture, social affairs, environment and science
  • Special PR: investor relations, product PR, public affairs, lobbying, CSR, crisis PR, issue management, etc.