Working in PR

Communication experts are responsible for a wide range of different tasks. To do their work professionally they need to be qualified accordingly, while disposing of a solid foundation of general knowledge and personal skills.

Communicators in senior positions as a rule are required to have graduated from university or undergone relevant training as a basis for further specialisation. PR professionals have profound knowledge in their field which in combination with specially acquired skills allow them to

  • Consult management with its fundamental strategy
  • Assess the communicative effect of individual decisions
  • Define specific targets for communication work
  • Identify connections in communication, implement communication projects and measures and evaluate their outcome.

Regardless of their field of activity PR consultants must have sound knowledge and experience in a number of different domains relevant to communication to call their own:

  • Knowledge of theory and practice in communication
  • Talent as journalists and relevant training
  • Knowledge of professions related to communication, such as marketing, advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing etc.
  • The ability to tackle specific fields of communication including corporate identity, internal communication, crisis communication, media relations, online communication, personnel communication, lobbying, product PR, sponsoring, amongst others
  • Experience with various support tools, such as creativity, planning and evaluation techniques, as well as market and opinion research
  • Knowledge of contemporary methods in print and electronic media, new media and
  • The ability to navigate through communication technologies. Along with the above communication know-how PR consultants ideally are equipped with sufficient knowledge of their specific sphere of action (investors relations, environment PR, culture PR, etc.).
  • General knowledge of economics, politics, law and society, as well as a minimum of one foreign language