About us

Our concept

Public Relations Verband Austria (Public Relations Association Austria) – as an independent association based on voluntary membership we represent communications experts in companies, agencies and organisations across Austria.

PRVA actively represents its members, assisting them in professionalising their skills and extending their scope of action. By the same token PRVA wants to ensure high quality levels, and to this end has created a wide range of training and advanced training opportunities, many of them in cooperation with educational establishments and universities. Being the driving force for the sector PRVA endorses high ethical standards, while maintaining international relations and promoting networking, as well as the exchange of information and opinions among members.

The PR agencies, PR consultants and corporate communicators represented by the PRVA are known for their competence and professional conduct in all matters of communication. In their role as consultants they support and take responsibility for strategic planning and implementation of tasks both in the wider and the narrower context. PRVA members are aware of the responsibility they bear in communication processes and are strongly committed to the highest quality standards. In their work they take guidance from the rigorous ethical principles established by the Public Relations Verband Austria, which in turn are largely derived from the Code of Athens – the globally recognised guidelines for PR work.

PRVA’s vision is to establish public relations as a strategic management function, to highlight their contribution to added value and ultimately to grant them greater relevance in society.

Public relations include all the conceptual and long-term measures PR agents need to take in exercising their rights and obligations towards society and the public with the objective of building and promoting mutual trust.