Austrian PR Quality Seal

For ten years the internationally established Consultancy Management Standard CMS issued by ICCO served as a sign of recognition of quality PR in Austria. Yet with the momentum of recent years and the changing environment the time was ripe for an even stronger signal, the Austrian PR quality seal.

For agencies, companies and NGOs

The Austrian PR Quality Seal is intended for all organisation units engaged in PR at a professional level, agencies and communication/PR departments in companies and institutions alike. As holders of the Austrian PR Quality Seal they are explicitly committed to safeguarding ethical principles, they call for aspects of quality in content and continuously strive to enhance department/company governance and project management.

PR agencies and communication departments wishing to obtain the Austrian PR Quality Seal submit to an impartial, standardised certification procedure. Requirements are set out clearly and it is up to individual agencies and communication departments how they implement these in accordance with their own benchmarks. This allows for maximum flexibility.

The Austrian PR Quality Seal is awarded by ÖPR.